Key West Africana Festival 2015 - Underground and African Retention in Hip-Hop

Dr. James Peterson of Lehigh University and Professor Turman of North Carolina A&T are Hip-Hop Scholars. They discuss their recent books and the Concepts of the Underground, African Retention within Hip-Hop and African American Culture

This is a behind the scenes interview of Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. James Peterson by Alexi Lior at the First Annual Key West Africana Festival in Key West, Florida. In this exclusive interview, Dyson and Peterson discuss the impact of social media, the Development of Black public intellectuals and social capital at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum houses artifacts from the Henrietta Marie, an eighteenth century slave ship, which is the oldest slaver ever excavated.

Christopher Norwood talks with Jenna about his reasoning to start up the Key West Africana Festival. The four day festival focuses on culture, thought and libation through workshops on community wellness and healthy living, film screenings and explorations of the African and Cuban sites and influences that helped shape Key West.